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Qstream maintains a strong commitment to accessibility for our customers and partners as users of our learning solutions and for our employees in their day-to-day work environment. We provide customers and partners with accessibility guidance and welcome their input on our accessibility strategy. Our employment and hiring policies and practices are designed to provide equal opportunities to people with disabilities. Qstream’s primary work locations in Burlington, Massachusetts and Dublin, Ireland are fully accessible locations, and we support flexible working arrangements, including remote and hybrid work along with the latest communication and collaboration tools to support maximum employee accessibility.

As a software provider, Qstream is committed to continually improving the accessibility of our solutions in accordance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), including testing and updating our solutions to consistently meet the accessibility needs of persons with disabilities. This program includes active testing of our capability via third parties to consider improvements that may be applied to further assist those with accessibility challenges. Our initial focus is on visual disabilities and optimizing how assistive devices perform in the context of the adaptive nature of the product.

Qstream dedicates a minimum of 5% of its product research and development towards ongoing accessibility enhancements. Our intent is to both demonstrate our commitment to accessibility and to stay grounded in the understanding that accessibility requirements for software products will continue to evolve. Our product plans with respect to accessibility and our users’ requirements will also evolve in accordance with the relevant standards and practices applicable to SaaS solutions.

Contact Information

If you have feedback or questions for our team on this matter, please contact your Qstream Client Success Manager. Alternatively, you may contact us at https://qstream.com/contact/ or by email at hello@qstream.com.