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What if your employees could learn more, retain more and have fun doing it?

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What if your employees could learn more, retain more and have fun doing it?

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Scientifically proven microlearning instantly enhances your learning ecosystem with individualized learning

At Qstream, we revolutionize how businesses empower their employees through individualized learning. Complementing your existing HR and learning tech systems, Qstream’s unique Q&A and spaced repetition methodology is the most effective microlearning and knowledge retention solution on the market today.

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Backed by science, proven in practice

Founded at Harvard with over 20 randomized peer-reviewed clinical trials

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Employee-centric knowledge reinforcement

Quick mobile learning challenges create engaging, personalized experiences for hybrid workforces

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Enhance your learning ecosystem

See better ROI from your other training programs by adding a knowledge reinforcement component

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Deep yet simple analytics expose knowledge gaps & highlight potential business risk

Whether you’re a program administrator, a manager or a member of the C-suite, our robust, real-time reports and dashboards highlight the actionable information that matters most to you.

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An elegantly simple interface and enjoyable user experience promote high levels of participation

Highly personalized, fun learning challenges are delivered to employees in the flow of work, leading to increased participation, superior knowledge retention and superior job performance.

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