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Mobile microlearning that engages learners and reinforces job-critical knowledge and skills to improve performance.

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Microlearning for Sales Training Reinforcement

Qstream reinforces sales learning to improve sales proficiency, productivity and performance so sales teams can win.

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Transform Learning
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Mobile microlearning that’s proven by science and in practice to improve performance.

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Make Learning Stick

Listen in to this webcast to develop learning programs that engage and reinforce learning in the way the brain works.

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Qstream mobile learning app

Developed at harvard

Reinforce Knowledge and Change Behaviors

Proven by in practice and by science, Qstream mobile microlearning delivers learning in the way the brain works to…

  • Increase knowledge retention by up to 170%
  • Improve job proficiency 17% on average
  • Achieve a 93% average engagement rate

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Qstream works with over 600 customers and partners to improve employee performance with best in class microlearning that engages learners, reinforces knowledge and analyzes real-time impact on performance.

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Why Qstream?

People are the core of organizational success so it is vital for leaders to support workforce development effectively and with lasting impact. In just minutes a day, Qstream’s mobile microlearning app results in continuous improvement of customer, sales and learning outcomes through behavior change with the metrics to prove it. Here’s how…

Fits into Daily Workflow

Qstream drives durable behavior change by engaging employees and sales reps through a proven microlearning app that enables learning anytime, anywhere in just minutes a day.

  • Bite-sized Q&A challenges
  • Easy-to-use on mobile and desktop
  • Peer leaderboards and real-time feedback
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Guides Precision Coaching

Real-time proficiency insights identify knowledge gaps so team managers can tailor coaching and make an immediate impact on individual performance.

  • Video scenarios and feedback
  • Heatmaps identify proficiency gaps
  • Recommended coaching actions
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Measures Learning Programs

Measure ROI and diagnose which learning initiatives are working, and which are not, to continuously improve the outcomes of corporate learning and sales enablement programs.

  • Proficiency gap assessment
  • Engagement insights
  • Leading performance and ROI indicators
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