Boost Remote Learner Performance

Engage remote learners and reinforce job-critical knowledge with microlearning that improves workplace performance.

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Improve Sales Readiness

Set up remote sales teams for success. Reinforce sales learning to improve sales proficiency, productivity, and performance.

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Microlearning that Delivers ROI

Protect training investments and quantify the business value of microlearning at scale.

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Learning Transformation for 2020 and Beyond

What to build into your learning strategy now to make learning stick and impact performance.

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Qstream mobile learning app

Developed at harvard

Reinforce Knowledge and Change Behaviors

Proven by in practice and by science, Qstream mobile microlearning delivers learning in the way the brain works to…

  • Increase knowledge retention by up to 170%
  • Improve job proficiency 17% on average
  • Achieve a 93% average engagement rate

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Our Customers

You’re in Good Company

Qstream works with over 600 customers and partners to improve employee performance with best in class microlearning that engages learners, reinforces knowledge and analyzes learner responses to expose a real-time view of performance readiness.

Industries We Work With

Customers operating in knowledge-intensive, highly regulated and fiercely competitive markets rely on Qstream microlearning to improve proficiency, productivity, and performance by reinforcing the job-critical knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

Why Qstream?

Knowledge quickly decays without reinforcement of job critical knowledge and skills continuously in the way the brain learns, and so does the impact and ROI of your learning and development program.

Qstream’s mobile microlearning app combats the forgetting curve to improve long-term knowledge retention and change behaviors so you can be sure your organization is performance ready.

Fits into the Daily Workflow

Qstream drives durable behavior change by engaging employees in a minutes-a-day mobile microlearning experience that improves must-have knowledge and skills.

  • Job specific micro Q&A challenges
  • Real-time learner feedback and micro-explanations
  • Peer leaderboards and game mechanics
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Learning Reinforcement at Scale

Qstream's scientifically proven learning algorithm delivers microlearning challenges that reinforce job-specific knowledge and skills to make learning stick and change behaviors.

  • Spaced repetition
  • Assess and certify
  • Recommended coaching actions
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Real-Time Performance Analytics

By using microlearning reinforcement to help employees build the competencies they need to succeed, companies can better analyze, understand and act to improve performance readiness.

  • Diagnose knowledge and skill gaps
  • Leading microlearning analytics
  • Link proficiency to performance outcomes
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