Allow Participants to Self-Enroll

This feature is the first step in a series of enhancements we have planned around participant self-enrollment. We’ve seen an increase in demand from our customers, especially during the pandemic crisis, to allow for participants to enroll in more Qstreams. By giving participants the ability to self-enroll, companies can provide more opportunities for remote learning and upskilling.

You will now see a new checkbox on the Qstream Publishing Tab which is entitled “Allow self-enroll”. When this box is checked, Qstream will allow users to self-enroll in courses when this is permitted on a site. If you have questions on how to enable this, feel free to contact your Client Services representative.

Unchecking this option disallows the user from self-enrolling in the course, even if this is permitted on the site.

Since this setting is enabled on a Qstream-by-Qstream basis, it is possible to have some courses that are enabled for self-enrollment and others which are not. A participant on an open enrollment site will see any courses with the ‘Allow self-enroll’ enabled in their site’s catalog, which is visible by clicking on Browse from the navigation menu at the top of the page.

[If you are not allowing participants to self-enroll or do not have an open enrollment site, you can safely ignore this checkbox for now unless instructed otherwise by your Qstream Client Services representative.]