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American Medical Systems Uses Qstream Mobile Platform to Boost Sales Rep Knowledge – and Make It Last

American Medical Systems

Qstream’s Powerfully Simple, Game-based Approach Helps Leading Medical Device Company Overcome the “Forgetting Curve” and Achieve Unprecedented Engagement

BURLINGTON, MA (May 29, 2014) –Qstream today announced that its scientifically proven, game-based mobile platform is being used by American Medical Systems (AMS), a subsidiary of Endo International, to help sales reps remember what they need to know for effective selling. As AMS launches its sixth Qstream initiative this week in support of the company’s successful prostate health product line, the ongoing results highlight the power of Qstream’s minutes-a-day approach to preparing customer-facing teams for the kind of dynamic, value-added conversations they need to succeed in today’s complex selling environments.

“Very few times do you come across something so simple, intuitive and valuable to helping sales reps change their game, ” said Ryan Casey, Manager of Global Curriculum Design and Development at AMS, which provides world-class medical devices and therapies to restore pelvic health. “After just nine months, Qstream is now built into our culture as a way of going beyond the fire hose of product information we give to sales reps during Plan of Action (PoA) sales meetings.  It’s fun, non-intrusive, works on mobile devices, and helps reps to have the level of conversations that clients require to make purchasing decisions. Even previously skeptical reps are now asking for more Qstreams. I certainly don’t get that sort of response from other initiatives.”

For years AMS found that rep recall of foundational information for sales success would decline in as little as two weeks following a sales meeting – and initiatives to boost recall such as post-event email quizzes were less than effective. In a highly competitive marketplace where the physicians and hospital decision makers are increasingly more difficult to reach, AMS sales managers needed their reps to differentiate quickly and sell consultatively – not simply deliver product details – while adhering to regulatory guidelines. During their initial pilot last fall, Qstream was able to drive post-event mastery score from a baseline of 68% to upwards of 92%, with over 96% engagement.

In January 2014, AMS debuted three new Qstream initiatives, one for each of its three business units – women’s health, men’s health, and prostate health – following the annual kickoff meeting to make sure reps retained the information related there. AMS also debuted a separate international program in seven languages. The program achieved over 90% engagement and sizable improvements in post-event retention. Every two days reps respond to simple, scenario-based Q&A challenges in just minutes using any smartphone or mobile device. Game mechanics make the experience fun and engaging as reps compete for points on the leader board based on their responses.

“While we love that Qstream provides us with data on what reps know, the real proof are the sales reps who say, ‘I know this information now and used it while selling because of Qstream.’  That’s success, ” Casey added.

Developed at Harvard, Qstream offers a powerfully simple – and highly scalable – approach to driving sales effectiveness. In nearly two dozen randomized trials, Qstream has been clinically proven to increase long-term retention and durably change on-the-job behaviors. The platform’s sophisticated analytics engine captures dozens of critical data points and instantly transforms them into actionable insights for sales managers, such as opportunities for tailored coaching.

Qstream’s Powerfully Simple, Game-based Approach Helps Leading Medical Device Company Overcome the “Forgetting Curve” and Achieve Unprecedented Engagement

About Qstream Qstream is the leading enterprise microlearning and knowledge reinforcement solution proven by science and in practice to boost learner performance. Hundreds of organizations rely on Qstream to build high-performance teams by delivering a personalized and agile learning experience that delivers the highest levels of retention, engagement, and efficiency along with analytics that provide precision insights and expose a real-time view of performance readiness.

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