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Aragon Research Identifies Qstream as a Major Provider in Corporate Learning

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Aragon Research Advises Enterprises to Adopt Microlearning for High Engagement and Delivering Knowledge to Remote Workforces

Burlington, MA, July 28, 2020 — Qstream, the market leader in corporate microlearning technology for engaging remote employees to improve knowledge retention and proficiency, today announced it has been identified as a major provider in The Aragon Research Globe for Corporate Learning, 2020. This report states that “in the post-pandemic world of remote work, skills development is still vital and needed more than ever before,” and that the rise in remote work is “increasing the demand for digital learning.”

“Remote learning is essential now, but even when circumstances change organizations are unlikely to revert to corporate learning strategies that rely solely on traditional classroom training or first-generation eLearning solutions,” said founder and CEO of Aragon Research Jim Lundy. “We increasingly see enterprises evaluating Qstream as a corporate learning solution.”

Qstream brings an innovative and modernized approach to how knowledge is delivered to a remote workforce. Learning is turned into an active experience where information is pushed to the learners’ mobile device making it easy to engage with on the job. In just a few minutes, the learner responds to job-specific questions and receives immediate feedback to better recall the necessary information to apply the right skills and behaviors when needed. Different from traditional learning management systems (LMS), Qstream collects data on each individual’s knowledge and skill levels proving that people understand what they’ve been taught and help improve their proficiency over time using spaced learning and repetition. Executive leaders have access to real-time data on how learning contributes to overall business objectives, where gaps and risk areas lie within the business and proof that they are getting a return on learning investments.

“We celebrate Aragon Research’s acknowledgment of Qstream’s innovation in their 2020 Globe for Corporate Learning,” said Qstream CEO Rich Lanchantin. “Our valued customers count on Qstream to deliver proven skills proficiency gains through measurably increased learner engagement at a fraction of the cost of traditional learning methods.”

For more information on Qstream’s microlearning solution, watch this 2-minute video for a quick overview.


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