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Qstream was founded in 2008 with the goal of helping organizations reinforce employee knowledge through scientifically proven algorithms. And it’s this approach – which has been proven to increase knowledge retention by up to 170% time and time again – that has made us a staple in the learning ecosystems of hundreds of our customers. Most of which operate in professional, complex and high-risk environments, where having the right knowledge at the right time is critical to the business.

Through customer feedback, we discovered that there was a need within our platform – the ability to communicate time-sensitive information to employees in an efficient manner. We heard from several clients that it would be helpful if they could use Qstream to send important updates and announcements, not just use the tool to reinforce previously shared knowledge. This makes perfect sense, we thought. Why not capitalize on the high engagement rates in Qstream when the need to share information arises? 

After all, our customers see an average 93% engagement rate. Traditional communication methods such as email, meetings and video conferencing aren’t nearly as efficient and pull employees from productivity. Qstream helps organizations cut through the clutter to deliver relevant bits of information in the flow of the work. Employees appreciate the convenience and actually pay attention to what’s being shared.

I couldn’t help but think of something one of our clients once said about their learners. “Qstream is their guiding star and they see it as such. If a Qstream is running on a topic, they know that topic is important.” We are thrilled that so many organizations have been able to successfully reinforce business-critical content over the years in a way that resonates with employees.

So, with a new goal in mind, we got to work and are so excited to share the final product. Qstream Comms allows you to present new material before a question prompt in an engaging, media-rich way. The goal of this new enhancement is to help organizations that operate in fast-paced environments equip employees with the latest organizational and industry updates that have a direct impact on their jobs and business performance. This new feature is available to all customers on Qstream MLP (microlearning platform), the latest version of our product.

With the addition of Qstream Comms, our customers are able to create end-to-end microlearning experiences within the flow of work so as to not disrupt productivity – from teaching new information, to building knowledge retention, to coaching and adapting programs based on our actionable analytics.

Watch the video to see what a complete microlearning journey looks like with Qstream Comms!



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