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Content Design & Development

In a time crunch and need help to write your next Qstream? Don’t have enough instructional design resources or content writers on your team?

Don’t fret, we’re here to help.  As a Qstream customer, you can access our expert team of Qstream professional Content Designers to do the heavy lifting and write your next set of Qstream questions for you. Contact your Client Services Consultant for more information or alternatively, click on the link below and we’ll get back to you.

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Continuous Reinforcement

Keep Your Program on Track

We understand that resources can be stretched and time can run short to craft the quality Qstream content you know will keep learners engaged and get the best learning outcomes. Lean on our expert, Qstream professional Content Designers to write your next Qstream and free up your time to design, communicate, manage, and analyze your learning programs*.

Learning that Sticks



Crafted Content that Gets Results

A key component of the Qstream methodology, or any learning experience, is quality content.   Microlearning is not just shrunken content. The most successful Qstreams present carefully crafted Q&A scenarios that are highly relevant to the learner’s job, have a level of desirable difficulty to stimulate cognitive thinking, and further reinforce learning with clear micro-explanations of the answers.

Content design gets really powerful when questions and topics are tagged and then correlated with performance metrics.  By working with our professional Content Designer, you’ll get the advantage of tapping into Qstream’s content set up best practices. Then, when your program launches you’ll quickly get a real-time picture of which content or knowledge is propelling or impeding performance.

Qstream Content Best Practices

Working in Partnership

Content Collaboration is Key

Our professionally qualified and Qstream certified Content Designer will work with your SME, content contributors and project managers to plan, design, and draft your Qstream.

An in-depth discovery call will scope the work required so we can confirm the project plan and timeline. Through the process, there will be open dialogue and resource sharing, just as if our Content Designer was part of your team. And, voila!  Your 15-question Qstream will be ready to launch.*

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*For Qstream customers only. Price on application. The estimated project duration is 2-4 weeks for a 15-question Qstream.