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In this eBook, Brandon Hall Group explains not only the importance of compliance training but also how to develop a strategy that effectively develops your workforce, mitigates risk, meets regulatory requirements and drives business outcomes.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few common questions we’re asked all the time.

If you are an existing customer or partner, please contact the Qstream Services Team. You can also see more details about our latest product releases on our Release Notes page or check out our Help Center.


Does Qstream provide support for other languages?

Full Unicode support lets you deploy Qstream in 17 languages out of the box, including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish and more.

Does Qstream support Single Sign-On?

Support for single sign-on (SSO) technologies – including Active Directory (Microsoft® Windows), Okta, and LDAP – centralizes Qstream access control within common IT security policies and eliminates the need for additional login credentials.

How does Qstream handle a large global enterprise?

Qstream supports multi-region data hosting where proximity to the end user is important for compliance requirements. Additionally, Qstream’s infrastructure includes multiple redundancies to ensure ultimate reliability and scale during peak usage times. We also feature a Salesforce integration that enables your team to access their challenges and dashboards from directly within the CRM.

How are points awarded?

Points are awarded the first time questions are presented and upon mastery of each question. Sometimes you can earn additional points for timed questions.

Why do questions repeat?

Qstream uses the “spaced education” methodology which is scientifically proven to increase knowledge retention by 170%. Using scenario-based question & answer challenges, Qstream delivers bite-sized chunks of information at repeated intervals until you’ve mastered it.


How can I login to the Qstream app? I can’t find the email I was sent with the details.

Please contact your Qstream Program Manager and ask that they resend you the welcome email.

I am going on holidays. Will I miss questions and can I catch up later?

You can set a Vacation Hold so that you will not miss out on any questions. Log into your Qstream dashboard, click on the link under ‘Qstreams you are taking’ and then choose the Qstream Options tab. Scroll down to Vacation Hold, put in the dates you’ll be gone and click Update.

Please unsubscribe me. I don’t want to receive your emails anymore.

To unsubscribe from email notifications, log into your Qstream dashboard, click on Account settings under Quick Links at the top of the page, and adjust your email notification settings.

Why do others have more points than me?

Quite simply, participants who answer new Qstream questions faster earn more points. It’s easy to do in just minutes a day without disrupting your workflow. Check out your inbox for new questions and challenge yourself to stay on top of the leaderboard.

How do I download the app?

You can download Qstream from the Apple App store (for iOS devices) or the Google Play store (for Android devices).


Can I take the Qstream too and will points count towards my team total?

You can take the Qstream along with your participants and exclude your performance from the leaderboard.

How do I communicate with employees before launching a Qstream?

Qstream suggests that managers send out an email before a challenge starts to let participants know it’s coming, give instructions on how to download the app and explain how Qstream can help them to improve their job performance.

Where do I see how participants are doing?

You can log into the Qstream dashboard at any time and click on Insights at the top. From there, you’ll see a list of Qstreams you’re running. You can click on any of those individual Qstreams in order to get specific details. Reports include a general summary along with breakdowns of proficiency, engagement, leaderboard and a heatmap.

What am I expected to do during a Qstream?

You are expected to take the time to create content for the Qstream, set up your participants for success before the Qstream starts and monitor progress throughout. During and after the Qstream, you can communicate with participants, management and leadership on proficiency insights to make recommendations for future initiatives of Qstream challenges.


What is your pricing?

Qstream is a SaaS (hosted) solution which is priced on a named user basis for either an annual or multi-year subscription. Per user pricing will vary based on the number of participants/reps, as well as the scope of functionality required. Volume discounts may also apply for large or global deployments. Set up a call with a Qstream expert to discuss your needs and they can walk you through the options.

I would like to include Qstream in a proposal to a customer. Can I get reseller pricing?

Find out more about the Qstream Partner Connect program or contact our dedicated partner manager.

My subscription has expired. Who do I contact to renew it?

If you’re looking for help with your Qstream contact, feel free to get in touch with your Client Services representative, your Customer Success Manager or email the Support Team.




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