Mercy Hospice Calvary Mater Hospital

Qstream Helps Remote Medical Students Stay Current on Palliative Care Practices

To address its growing student population, Australia’s Mercy Hospice/Calvary Mater Hospital selected Qstream to help reinforce palliative care education for hundreds of 5th year students at the University of Newcastle.

The intensive curriculum is delivered in one week as part of a six-week psychiatry term. Ensuring baseline knowledge of palliative care is a priority for the university, and completion of the Qstream course is required as part of the student assessment for the year.

A tertiary referral center, Mercy Hospice places groups of students in rural locations for clinical rotation. Dr. Erica Cameron-Taylor, Staff Specialist for the Department of Palliative Medicine at Calvary Mater thought Qstream’s mobile platform would be an ideal way to ensure students’ knowledge of critical healthcare practices.

“Student numbers have increased significantly while clinical resources have remained limited. Students rotate on attachment through rural schools, some of which do not have specialist palliative care clinicians available,” according to Dr. Cameron-Taylor.

“Qstream has allowed us to develop a program that can be accessed regardless of location. As the curriculum becomes more crowded and opportunities for traditional bedside teaching are increasingly limited, the need for Internet-based resources that are acceptable to a mobile, technology-savvy group of students has become a priority for the university,” added Dr. Cameron-Taylor.

“Qstream is an efficient and elegant mobile platform, and we have found the prompt and friendly advice of their on-staff experts along the way to be invaluable.”