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As a world leading provider of recruitment, employee onboarding, benefits and payroll software and services, Paycor operates in a highly competitive market.

Paycor’s success has come from a commitment to provide a new level of personal, proactive customer service to small and medium-sized organizations in need of HR & Payroll technology. Today, they partner with more than 31,000 organizations in all 50 states of the United States, and they continue to grow.

With a rapidly growing sales team and an expanding portfolio of products, Paycor has recognized the need to ramp up new sales reps quickly as well as support existing reps in being ready for any customer conversation across all products.

This is their story.

In a fast-paced, competitive market, constant sales readiness is a key focus of Paycor’s sales training and enablement team. This isn’t just about a great onboarding program; Paycor believes that sales reps need continuous reinforcement and also development of new knowledge and skills throughout their tenure. The fact they can enable their sales teams to be field ready in just a few minutes a day is vital to the success of their entire sales organization.


“Since our initial partnership and roll-out of Qstream in early 2016, for over three years, we are a very active, engaged and happy Qstream client. We use Qstream for a variety of quarterly gamified learning programs, all tied with internal incentives.” 

– Phillip Miele, Principal Sales Learning Consultant, Sales Learning & Performance


  • Quickly ramp up new sales reps and reduce time to value
  • Improve sales reps recall of product knowledge
  • Ensure sales readiness for new product releases
  • Improve compliance to sales process
  • Reduce the number of logged cases to respond to customer questions


  • Qstream rolled out to approximately 365 sales reps, sales managers, and marketing team members across 27 US locations
  • Two quarterly Qstreams focused on:
    • Continuation sales training for new Major Market Sales Executives (MMSEs)
    • New product enhancements


  • A record 2019 fiscal year achieving 103% of net-new bookings goal
  • Uptick in key activity metrics including first time appointments, demos, and partner appointments
  • 113% of goal in first month of the new fiscal year
  • Reduction in cases logged to answer seller questions
  • Initial attempt question scores = 70%
  • Final attempt questions scores = 85%
  • 21% proficiency increase across all Qstreams
  • 115k+ times that learning has occurred throughout all question attempts

Support New Major Markets’ Sales Executives with Continuous Training

Paycor sees ramping up sales reps to be field ready as a necessity and they achieve this through a continuous onboarding program, ensuring they will be successful in their first year.

Once onboarded, new cohorts of reps are exposed to Continuation Sales Training facilitated by Qstream. Reps are pushed 15 Qstream challenges a month leading up to a sales bootcamp in their eighth month.

By reinforcing critical product knowledge, sales skills and sales process details continuously, reps are set up for success when engaging customers and matching their needs with a range of Paycor solutions.

Sales Training as a Perpetual Program

Paycor’s blended sales training program delivers learning through a number of modalities; classroom training, virtual training, eLearning via an LMS and webinars.

Qstream is an integral part of the annual “repeat” training program that reinforces the most important and must-know concepts from initial training. This additional element supports long term knowledge recall to prevent knowledge decay, for even the most tenured sales reps.

To supplement mastery of foundational sales knowledge, Paycor’s sales training team runs monthly and quarterly Qstream challenges to update reps on new products, sales process changes and enhancements, and other new information reps need to stay up to date and relevant to customers.

Product Knowledge Reinforcement

  • Product Knowledge and Enhancements
  • Payroll & Tax Compliance
  • HR Center of Excellence

Sales Skills and Process Reinforcement

  • Sales Process
  • Winning Details & Best-Selling Behaviors
  • Referral Partners & Process


“Sales management encourages Qstream usage and participation and has bought into it. They’ve turned very much into our advocates for Qstream. They know their sellers will learn and get value from learning being pushed to them to enable them with the most relevant, timely information for when they need it most.”

– Phillip Miele, Principal Sales Learning Consultant, Sales Learning & Performance


What Paycor Sales Reps Are Saying

“Among all the ways Paycor pushes learning to us in the field, Qstream is by far the most engaging and fun!”

“Love the contests and having a competition around our ongoing learning, it makes it all the more enjoyable and productive for me.”

“It’s a great way to get my brain started in the mornings, answer a few questions and force myself to think as I start my day. Honestly, getting questions right at 7:30 am gives me a quick energy boost!”

Sales Manager Engagement

Paycor sales managers participate in every Qstream too which keeps them up to date, but also provides them the knowledge and tools to coach their reps with a consistent and accurate message. Sales management knows the way Qstream is encouraged across the sales organization and are especially tuned into Qstream providing a learning experience that doesn’t disrupt their seller’s day!

What’s Next?

Qstream is an essential part of Paycor’s sales training program. Given the success with continually reinforcing existing sales knowledge to identify and close gaps, they are looking to extend Qstream into other teams who require precision training such as Client Services, Product Development & IT and Leadership teams.


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