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Qstream GDPR Reinforcement Challenge


Proficiency in GDPR compliance and understanding reached 93% company-wide

Since the implementation of GDPR in May 2018, businesses with customers and operations in Europe have scrambled to change processes, update systems and educate employees on mandated regulations. The vital piece of information that many organizations are missing is whether their employees have understood and are applying GDPR principles in their day-to-day work. Qstream is no exception.

Our Challenge

While responding to customer requests on GDPR compliance and data security, we quickly recognized that Qstreamers in all departments or locations need to be adept with GDPR regulation, implications for day-to-day operations, impact on our customers and handling customer data in compliance with regulations.


“GDPR was already in focus for many Qstreamers in their day-to-day work, however the Data Protection Qstream sparked new questions and discussion, filling knowledge gaps and boosting awareness of the key principles of this regulation.”

– Barry Byrne, Director of Security and Operations, Qstream


Walking in Our Customers’ Shoes
We asked ourselves “if a customer came to us with this same problem, how would we respond?” Well, it was quite simple…run a Qstream of course!

Our Objectives:

  • Educate and reinforce the key principles of GDPR regulation
  • Build an understanding of GDPR implications on sales and marketing activities
  • Close any knowledge gaps for individual employees
  • Improve overall compliance with GDPR


“I was amazed how GDPR became a top-of-mind subject across the entire organization. Sales, marketing and services were talking about GDPR questions in the lunchroom daily. That has to encourage enrichment and engagement!”

– Rich Lanchantin, CEO, Qstream

Even we were surprised with the results!

  • 31% gain in GDPR knowledge proficiency
  • A grand average of 93% total final level proficiency achieved
  • An astonishing 177% proficiency improvement on Customer Data Retention knowledge


“I was really surprised at the intricacies of the regulation in certain circumstances. The scenarios presented in the Qstream really challenged me and I quickly realized specific areas where I needed to improve my knowledge.”

– Meredith Odgers, Marketing Director, Qstream

How did we do it?

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  1. Launched a Qstream challenge including 11 bite-sized scenario-based questions for contextualized learning
  2. Applied spaced education best practice to push questions out multiple times over a short period to improve long term knowledge retention
  3. Provided detailed explanations of right and wrong answers to encourage deeper learning and discussion among teams
  4. Applied tags to questions and participants to generate proficiency heatmaps to drive real-time data-driven decisions and guide follow-up actions
  5. Regularly communicated to keep Qstreamers engaged
  6. Prompted managers to action individualized coaching recommendations from the manager dashboard to improve understanding and engagement


Post-Qstream Insights and Actions

Heatmaps helped the Qstream GDPR program manager to identify initial and final level of proficiency to tailor further training and reinforcement to the biggest gaps. By tagging all Qstreamers by department and question, and then cross-tabbing these in this heatmap format, it is easy to see where to coach and where not to coach.

Initial Proficiency

Final Proficiency

 What did Qstreamers say?

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  • “Many items that I took as true turned out to be not so accurate. It was great to self-correct and ensure that my behavior is compliant with our internal policies.”
  • “It was great to be able to learn while having some competitive fun with co-workers. Found myself checking the leaderboard even on days when I didn’t have a question to answer.
  • “Seeing the scenarios for the first time often meant some thought was required to figure out the correct answer. On second presentation, the scenarios were familiar and the answer was there ready to recall from memory. I could definitely feel the difference, and the reinforcing effect of the repetition.”


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