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Customer Overview:

Philips Healthcare is a division of Royal Philips, a diversified health and well-being company headquartered in the Netherlands. The healthcare division is one of the world’s largest medical device companies with more than 450 products and over 37,000 employees worldwide.


The Director of North American Sales Operations for Philips Respironics, wanted a sales training reinforcement solution that would not simply support their sales training efforts, but also help verify – with clear, actionable data – whether or not those programs were working.

For the launch of a new sleep therapy platform, the North American team gathered in Dallas for training that would include product messaging, selling skills and product modalities.

“Typically, after a program like this, we would execute a series of WebEx sessions to reinforce the training content presented in the live meetings and keep relevant information top of mind. But this became costly, and we were never confident about whether it was really effective?” – Director of Sales Operations


During the training a series of Qstream challenges saw engagement rates as high as 99% though it was completely voluntary – far exceeding any expectations and previous training tools.

Results: Beyond an almost 100% participation and full engagement by the sales reps, the division experienced some added benefits:

The management team also took advantage of Qstream’s native game mechanics to structure individual and team competitions, including the Top 10 reps and best performing region.

“The reps carefully read and absorbed the content presented in Qstream
and even pushed back on some of the answers, prompting us to re-examine the content and iterate along the way. We just don’t get this type of feedback from other applications.”

“It’s been a tremendously positive experience for us on several fronts, including cost reduction, engagement and an increase in knowledge proficiency. And best of all, feedback from the field has been very positive: managers and reps love it!” – Director of North American Sales Operations

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