Content Professional Network

Qstream Content Professional (QCP) Network

While great content is all around you, sometimes an extra pair of hands can move things along. That’s where our Certified Qstream Content Professional (QCP) Network comes in. If you require additional authoring support, for example, QCPs can provide content expertise in specialized industries, and create quality content that aligns with the requirements of the Qstream methodology.

Qstream partners complete a comprehensive program covering our best practices and content planning process, starting with how to identify business goals and ending with effective Qstream challenges. After completing the certification, partners are able to:

  • Determine appropriate topic areas and key messages
  • Translate key messages into Qstream challenges
  • Write effective Qstream challenges, including question stem, answer choices and explanation
  • Perform a content review and recommend modifications based on best practices

Types of Services

The QCP Network currently covers a range of industries including pharmaceuticals, technology and financial services. These partners provide a flexible range of services to meet your specific needs.  If you do find yourself in the position of having no content to repurpose, a QCP partner will research relevant content and create the Qstream for you. If you have relevant content but want help in creating the Qstream, the QCP partner will utilize your content and create the Qstream, using our proven methodology and best practices. Even if you have the content and resources, a QCP certified partner can review and edit your approved Qstream so you are assured it aligns with our best practices.

Get in Touch

Current Qstream customers can take the first step by contacting their Qstream Client Services Consultant to learn about the QCP Network. They will work with you to gather requirements, establish a timeline for implementation and coordinate an introduction with the appropriate QCP certified partners.