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Force Management Uses Qstream to Help Transform Sales Behavior at athenahealth and Other Leading Enterprises

20th November 2014

Mobile Platform Boosts Sales Rep Command of Message Proficiency from 67% to 97%; Helps Drive Lasting Change within Enterprise Sales Teams

BURLINGTON, MA (November 20, 2014) – Qstream, makers of a mobile-first enterprise solution for effectively reinforcing the capabilities of sales forces in just minutes a day, announced that Force Management has deployed Qstream as a component of its highly regarded Value Messaging Framework programs at leading B2B organizations, including Boston-based athenahealth (NASDAQ:ATHN). Addressing growing market demand for ongoing sales reinforcement strategies, Force Management is using Qstream to ensure that thousands of client sales reps master new, more customer-savvy selling behaviors – long after on-site training engagements are complete.

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Force Management, a leading sales consulting and training services firm, has added Qstream as way to ensure selling methodology adoption, long-term knowledge retention and sales performance data collection.

At athenahealth, a leading provider of cloud-based services and mobile tools for medical groups and health systems, sales reps use Qstream to respond to brief scenario-based selling challenges pushed to their mobile device twice a week. Built-in game mechanics engage reps in an experience that is fun and non-disruptive to selling time, delivering 94% engagement and improved rep knowledge of core concepts from Force Management’s Command the Message program from 67% to 97% in just two months.

“The Qstream-powered solution really helped us to assure consistency and retention of several pivotal concepts introduced in Force Management’s unique Command program – knowledge that helps our sales reps to improve close rates and accelerate sales growth, ” said Bob Hueber, Vice President of Sales Development at athenahealth. “Sales reps are a tough audience to please, but with Qstream we drove a dramatic improvement in core selling skills and knowledge while making everyone participate and love it.  We see many on-going applications for this powerful approach.”

“Reinforcement and adoption are critical components to the success of any sales initiative, ” said Grant Wilson, managing partner at Force Management. “The Qstream platform benefits both Force Management and the many sales organizations we serve by reinforcing key concepts and accelerating long-term adoption. This ultimately drives increased revenue and true sales transformation.”

Developed at Harvard,  Qstream’s solution has been scientifically proven in dozens of clinical trials to change selling behaviors with impact to the bottom line. Unlike solutions that tether client conversations to rote presentations, Qstream equips sales reps for dynamic, value-added business conversations and behaviors that drive revenue and keep pace with market change. Peer-reviewed research studies behind Qstream show that the platform’s interval reinforcement approach increases retention by up to 170 percent and can durably change on-the-job behaviors. A sophisticated data engine analyzes response data in real-time to deliver predictive, actionable insights, such as highly targeted coaching opportunities.

“More than one-third of enterprise sales reps today – even those with extensive market and product training – show up at sales calls unprepared or unable to apply the knowledge and skills needed to successfully sell into their markets, ” said Duncan Lennox, CEO of Qstream. “Force Management is changing that. We are thrilled with the results it is achieving with clients like athenahealth and other enterprises just as keen to help their reps be more effective.”

About Force Management
Force Management offers customized sales consulting and training services designed to help customers increase their sales revenue and improve their sales margins and market share. Force Management works with clients to solve critical business problems through strategy and execution of high-impact, comprehensive solutions that are highly differentiated in the marketplace and that consistently achieve measurable sales results. Learn more at

About Qstream

Qstream is now used by eight of the world’s top 10 pharmaceutical companies and seeing rapid adoption across technology and financial services sectors. Last quarter the company added major new brands such as Amgen, Parametric Technology Corporation and Oppenheimer, and significantly expanded the network of solution providers deploying Qstream-based initiatives to transform their clients’ enterprise sales teams. Available in 12 languages, the SaaS platform is easily deployed at scale in both mobile and desktop environments.

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