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In this eBook, Brandon Hall Group explains not only the importance of compliance training but also how to develop a strategy that effectively develops your workforce, mitigates risk, meets regulatory requirements and drives business outcomes.


Qstream Healthcare
Education and Training

Qstream’s Mobile Microlearning Technology Develops Your
Healthcare Workers for the Best Patient Outcomes

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Providence Success Story

Qstream delivered required compliance training to over 300,000 providers in 50+ hospitals and 800+ clinics. After completing our first enterprise launch, we increased learner engagement and satisfaction, confirmed proficiency increases through real-time analytics, and slashed implementation costs by over $6 million in our first course alone. 
Darci Hall, Chief Learning Officer, Providence

The Only Microlearning Technology Scientifically Proven to Change Healthcare Workers’ Behaviors

Healthcare workers need to master a combination of training information and evolving clinical knowledge and skills and remember education from preclinical years of medical curriculum. They then need to recall, apply, and respond intuitively in the moment to critical patient situations. Otherwise, it’s hard for organizations to have best the patient outcomes.

Studies show that 70% of knowledge is forgotten within 30 days. Picture what this means for patient safety. Our Microlearning technology is the only clinically proven technology that combats this forgetting curve.

Qstream’s short scenario based challenges, help healthcare professionals to:

  • Master healthcare compliance training knowledge
  • Retain healthcare safety procedures
  • Develop hard and soft skills needed for excellent patient service

Change long term behavior on the job. The result? Your hospital is better at saving lives.

Mobile Learning for Healthcare Education
A powerfully simple way to boost clinical knowledge and skills

Ensure your patients’ safety. Healthcare workers are always on the go and need to be prepared for all possibilities. When you know your employees have mastered medical training, you are confident that your patients’ lives are in safe hands.
Developed at Harvard Medical School, Qstream is an award-winning global leader in microlearning technology.

Qstream’s short scenario based assessments:

  • Increase knowledge retention and reinforcement by up to 170%
  • Cement knowledge in the minds of healthcare professionals so they can apply life-saving skills on the job
  • Improve job performance to improve patient care

Qstream’s bite-sized challenges accommodate busy healthcare professionals’ schedules and increase learner engagement by 93%.

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Leading Hospitals, Medical Schools, and CME Providers Rely on Our Technology to Reinforce Healthcare Education Programs

Nursing Training | Qstream Healthcare
Nurse Training

Nurses are always on the go. It’s hard to take them off the floor for training requirements. Qstream’s short and spaced out challenges are sent straight to nurses’ devices for mobile learning. This allows your nurses to engage with nursing training programs without taking time away from patients.

Healthcare Compliance Education and Training | Qstream Healthcare
Healthcare Compliance

Safety and compliance are the most critical parts of patient care. So you need analytics that can demonstrate that healthcare workers have mastered training content before they service patients.

Residency Programs & Training | Qstream Healthcare

Gain confidence that you’ve trained future physicians to provide excellent patient care and gain patient satisfaction. Identify skill gaps and accordingly coach residents in a safe and flexible pilot clinical through the platform’s real-time and actionable analytical insights.

Joint Commission Compliance & Training | Qstream Healthcare
Joint Commission

Ensure the highest quality of care and patient safety through on the job capability building on the Qstream platform. Allow healthcare professionals to continuously reinforce knowledge with the platform’s spaced repetition algorithms and evaluate organizational readiness with Qstream’s proficiency metrics.

Education & Sepsis Simulation Training | Qstream Healthcare
Education on Sepsis

Effective retention of sepsis knowledge prevents healthcare professionals from making critical mistakes with patients. Qstream’s spaced education and reinforcement processes allow clinicians to maintain expertise.

HIPAA Training for Compliance | Qstream Healthcare

Qstream’s topic-specific proficiency metrics show you when your healthcare workers have mastered regulations. The platform enables them to first practice in situational learning, so they follow HIPAA guidelines and protect patient privacy.

Leading Hospitals, Medical Schools, and CME Providers Rely on Our Technology to Reinforce Healthcare Education Programs

Other popular topics Qstream is used for in the healthcare industry:

  • Continuing Medical Education
  • Core Measures
  • COVID-19
  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Cultural Awareness

  • Hospital Acquired Condition
  • Infection Control
  • Patient Rights

  • Patient Safety
  • Professional Development
  • Remissions
  • Studying for Boards

The World’s Leading Healthcare Organizations Trust Qstream as Their Enterprise Healthcare Education Technology


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