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Step 1 - Identify topic

What are your training objectives and success measures for improving job proficiency?  Program managers often use Qstream as part of a holistic knowledge and skills development program to change employee behaviors to ultimately meet unique goals and ROI objectives.

How It's Used

Step 2 - Create content

Once the goals and topics are set, it’s now time to develop the scenario-based questions, answers, video responses and explanations to populate the Qstream challenge that all improve knowledge retention. If help is needed to create content, the Qstream Services Team is on hand to guide this process.

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Step 3 - Launch Qstream

Before launching your first Qstream challenge, be sure to communicate with participants, managers and leadership so they know what’s coming and why. Regularly check in with participants to see where they are on the leaderboard during the challenge and show managers how to personalize coaching in real-time based on an individual’s Qstream response or video.

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Step 4 - Action insights

From the Qstream challenge responses, thousands of data points are processed and presented to management via real-time dashboards, proficiency heatmaps, stats, graphs and video scenarios. This information allows managers to analyze and take immediate action where there are knowledge gaps. Proficiency heatmaps also show initial and final proficiency against any reporting parameter to measure training effectiveness and guide future training needs.

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Designed for rapid global deployment

The secure SaaS solution is built for the largest enterprise sales teams. Available in 18 languages with multi-region data hosting, automation at scale makes global deployments a snap, and there’s no software to install. Easy-to-use admin tools let you manage thousands of users quickly and efficiently.

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