Equip Salespeople for the Interactions That Your Buyers Demand | Qstream

Science based.
Data driven.

The most effective way to equip
salespeople for the interactions
your buyers demand

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Built with your busy salespeople in mind

No other sales effectiveness solution delivers such high levels of continuous user engagement day after day. With 94% average engagement or better, Qstream adds value to your team’s day without disrupting it.

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Scientifically proven to increase performance

Qstream’s approach has been scientifically proven in more than 20 rigorous clinical studies to increase the retention of new information by up to 170% and durably change behaviors with impact to the bottom line.

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Graphical dashboards that managers love

Qstream’s graphical dashboards provide managers with real-time updates on engagement and proficiency, including sales fluency heat maps, improvement trends and comparisons, and more – based on filters that you define.

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Video Coaching Made Easy

View recorded responses to video scenarios presented within a Qstream challenge. These observations, when presented alongside knowledge and skills insights from Qstream’s adaptive reinforcement algorithm, competency ratings, and CRM-sourced performance and productivity data, deliver the richest possible picture of your team’s capabilities.

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Track sales capabilities data against any KPI

Using Qstream with Salesforce.com and Veeva CRM, combine real-time capabilities data with pipeline, forecast and other KPIs for a predictive view of sales performance. Built-in triggers automatically alert managers to immediate opportunities for improvement.

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Designed for rapid global deployment

The secure SaaS solution is built for the largest enterprise sales teams. Available in 18 languages with multi-region data hosting, automation at scale makes global deployments a snap, and there’s no software to install. Easy-to-use admin tools let you manage thousands of users quickly and efficiently.

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