Creating Effective Qstream Content


An impactful microlearning program starts with great content that is related to organizational goals. It should also be fun, fast, and engaging for learners. Brainstorming ideas for writing a Qstream can be difficult, and when it comes down to creating content, it’s important to think about the behaviors you’re looking to change and which metrics you’re trying to achieve.

In part two of Qstream’s three-part webinar series, Rachel Norton shared Qstream’s microlearning content resources to help with the writing process and provided best practices to create effective content and learning experiences. Watch the on-demand recording to understand how to create high quality, consistent, and relevant content so learners increase long-term retention of knowledge.

This session covered how to:

  • Align organizational goals with learning topics.
  • Use different question types and features to bring variety into the experience.
  • Avoid common pitfalls of Qstream content writing.
  • Provide immediate feedback by crafting a great explanation to help learners recall information.