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How to Dramatically Improve Corporate Learning Effectiveness with Qstream


In a world of endless distractions, traditional workplace learning tools are critically ineffective.

Need-to-know content is often buried in long, unfocused courses. People become disengaged, and necessary details are missed entirely. 

It’s frustrating to the learner and worse – an organization full of knowledge gaps can be damaging to the business, its employees, and their customers.

It’s time to move workplace education into the modern age – with Qstream.

Qstream transforms learning content by revolutionizing the way on the job skills are taught:

  • Instead of blocks of overwhelming content, Qstream pushes out short, scenario-based questions. Engagement is elevated, while focused material ensures the person isn’t bogged down with information overload. 
  • Learners are given immediate feedback and in-depth explanations that allow them to master the content. 
  • Multiple attempts at answering questions allow for better absorption of detail.
  • Consistent reinforcement maintains mastery levels and eliminates forgetting valuable information.

Qstream is available on all devices, and learning is easily accomplished in between work tasks.

From the Qstream dashboard, analytics pinpoint exactly where learning gaps and needs are in real time by regions, teams, and individuals. This allows organizations to determine the return on learning investments, take data-driven actions, and dedicate training to specific learning gaps.

Qstream’s global analytics are used across all levels of the organization:

  • Executives can calibrate organizational performance at scale and identify risks. 
  • Managers can initiate targeted coaching conversations to support performance.
  • Learners can monitor their progress and maximize improvement.

With Qstream’s performance analytics, you get real-time results showing job proficiency.

Increase engagement, eliminate knowledge gaps, and drive your business objectives forward. Equip your organization with the best employee development tool for the digital age.

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