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Learning professionals face an uncomfortable truth about today’s workplace learning. The way learning is deployed doesn’t frequently achieve the results you want because:

  • Executives grapple with tight budgets and proving the ROI of their learning programs
  • Managers struggle identifying who on their team needs what specific support
  • Learners feel their development needs aren’t being met – which is a top reason they leave


In order to create a successful learning culture for the future with high performing teams requires behavior change on all levels: from executives to managers to the learners themselves.

Watch this on-demand webinar where Darci Hall, Chief Learning Officer, and Johnny Hamilton, Senior Design and Innovation Consultant, at Providence St. Joseph Health share their journey from curiosity to pilot to enterprise launch. On their path, they’ve:

  • Slashed high training implementation costs
  • Provided real-time, actionable analytics to managers
  • Demonstrated increased learner engagement and proficiency


Specifically, they shared the insights they’ve had from three perspectives.

EXECUTIVES: Delivering Learning of the Future at a Fraction of the Cost
Discover how new technologies not only slash your training implementation costs, but bring a treasure trove of business intelligence to your team. You’ll be able to prove positive business outcomes now that prepare your organization for the future of workplace learning.

MANAGERS: Transforming Behaviors with Data-Driven Insights
Explore the unexpected gift of learning analytics, enabling frontline managers to easily connect with their teams, supported with real-time actionable and personalized data for targeted coaching opportunities.

LEARNERS: Shifting to Learner Centric Training
Meet the unmet needs of your learners by slashing training time, boosting engagement, and increasing proficiency which results in lasting on-the-job behavior change.



Darci Hall
Chief Learning Officer

As Chief Learning Officer Darci Hall is part of Providence St Joseph Health HR and Talent Organization where she is responsible for setting strategic direction for the learning experience our caregivers consume. Ms. Hall and her team work closely with caregivers and our executives to ensure that these learner-centric solutions enable workforce excellence today and into the future.

In addition to solution development and strategy, Darci is responsible for supporting the delivery and implementation of the ITM portfolio, including Organizational Strategic Design, Talent Management, Performance Management and Learning solutions. Darci and her team are responsible for strategic delivery and implementation of innovative technologies and design that will support PSJH workforce.


Johnny Hamilton
Senior Design and Innovation Consultant

Johnny Hamilton is a learning innovation thought leader, writer, and full-stack learning designer. As a Senior Designer and Innovation Consultant at Providence St. Joseph (PSJH), initiatives he has led have resulted in:

  • PSJH being ranked #7 in the US for learning innovation (2019) by Learning! Magazine
  • Brandon Hall awards for Best Approach to Innovation (2018) and Best Advance in Leadership Simulation Tools (2017)
  • Recognition as a 2016 Learning Champion (High Performer) by Learning! Magazine for his contributions to the learning industry


He has written three white papers in the learning and innovation space including:


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