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As we quickly move through the year, our team continues to release product features and functionality in Qstream’s new microlearning platform (MLP). We hope to give you fresh new ways to engage learners, get managers involved in learning and coaching and analyze the effectiveness of your programs to drive results for the business.

This webinar is a live product demonstration that shows the latest enhancements and provides a sneak peek of the updates you can expect to see coming in the next few months.

Bryony McHugh, Senior Product Manager at Qstream, demonstrates the following enhancements:

  • Manager coaching alerts and tracking to drive learner engagement and manager accountability 
  • New question types such as fill-in-the-blank and video and audio scenario-based challenges to keep learners engaged
  • Participant reviews allow training teams to collect qualitative feedback on the learning experience to supplement what’s uncovered via the analytics
  • Upgraded program manager analytics and reporting provide immediate insight on proficiency at an individual, team and organizational level

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