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The pandemic has changed the way pharmaceutical sales reps connect, educate, and engage with healthcare providers. As we enter a post pandemic world, pharma sales reps will no longer go back to a full time, face to face commercial model. A hybrid pharma sales model is here to stay.

What has accelerated is sales reps having to communicate with more value-added conversations, building stronger relationships, and having a patient-centric approach to selling. With this shift to a more hybrid model, pharma sales reps have to communicate scientific product knowledge and also have the sales skills for selling through blended channels. Sales training is more important now than ever before due to the fact sales reps have to retain and apply so much knowledge on a variety of topics.

How can sales training content deliver highly engaging, just in time knowledge, skills, and behavior reinforcement wherever they are selling? How do managers receive up-to-the-minute insights and analytics into their commercial teams’ skills and capabilities that allows them to provide targeted coaching to their reps?

In this session, Michael Connolly, Director of Sales for Life Sciences at Qstream shared the value of microlearning technology to support the needs of sales reps in this new hybrid commercial model. During this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Scale learning to sales reps and apply continuous training to overcome the challenges of being hybrid.
  • Provide engaging learning content on new knowledge and skills for reps to communicate effectively with HCPs.
  • Measure sales rep’s behavior and performance with in-depth learning analytics and take action on quantified knowledge gaps.


Michael Connolly
Director of Sales, Life Sciences

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