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Most L&D strategies aren’t built to efficiently and effectively engage an entire organization with scalability. Traditional learning isn’t sufficient enough to engage people, deliver critical knowledge, and produce analytics on the learner’s behavior and performance based on learning responses. Microlearning has the ability to create engaging content in scaling initiatives company wide. It creates a learning experience that reaches people where they are with the knowledge they need. Learning becomes actionable with a direct impact on real-world scenarios that fit into organizational goals while the analytics address skills gaps within an organization.

Watch this webinar to get a full understanding of Qstream’s microlearning technology. You will learn how:

  • Qstream creates a powerful way to easily author and configures engaging content
  • To deliver meaningful microlearning challenges that measure results to demonstrate proficiency gain and long-term knowledge retention
  • Qstream’s analytics give managers granular insights that help them manage their people in a data-driven way



Bryony McIndoe
Bryony McIndoe
Product Manager

Bryony McIndoe leads Qstream’s user experience product initiatives by using customers to build and prioritize innovative microlearning and knowledge reinforcement capabilities. A veteran product manager, she has also worked at a series of high-growth technology companies including San Francisco-based Imfuna, and Dublin-based MoneyMate (now CSS) and Altify. Bryony has a background in research and science-based behavioral psychology, including earning her degree in psychology and history from Oxford Brookes University and accreditation from the British Psychological Society.

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