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During the COVID-19 pandemic, many learning & development (L&D) leaders in life sciences rose to the challenge of rapidly pivoting all their in-person training to virtual.

As life sciences companies emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, new challenges lie ahead for L&D leaders. Those companies that successfully upskilled their workforce into hybrid, compliant and high-performing teams achieved greater revenue, higher brand recognition and shorter product times to market. So, the question life sciences L&D leaders face now is:

“How can you rapidly find and close critical capability gaps to build high-performing life sciences teams?”

In this LTEN webinar, sponsored by Qstream, you will:

  • Discover L&D’s new role as the integrator of hybrid, compliant and high-performing teams in life sciences.
  • Learn how L&D can shift culture and upskill to develop high performance teams.
  • Explore how L&D teams use real-time data and analytics to power learning ecosystems that exceed executives’ expectations.



Jason Mundy
VP of Marketing

Johnny Hamilton
VP, Strategic Innovation and Design
My Baseline Builder

Chris Casement
My Baseline Builder

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