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In the pharmaceutical industry, all business functions play a critical role in both bringing life-saving products to market and ensuring they get into the hands of the right patients. 

With hybrid global workforces, the complexities behind the FDA approval process, and healthcare and patient needs evolving, it’s difficult to keep employees up to date on industry, product, and business changes. 

Due to employees’ needing to have a wealth of knowledge to prevent drug recalls, lawsuits, and reputational damage, traditional training methods just won’t cut it.

Here’s how Qstream can help. 

Qstream’s microlearning platform delivers a personalized learning experience with bite-sized, mobile learning challenges that are easy to engage with in the flow of work.

Plus, role-specific content elevates the knowledge and skills of any pharmaceutical employee, whether it’s:

  • Research and development scientists that require lab training
  • Supervisors that need cost center training
  • Or new hires needing onboarding information


Qstream provides a fun and engaging way to learn, and the benefits reach far beyond effective learning. 

Global pharmaceutical companies partner with Qstream’s microlearning platform so that:

  • Sales & Marketing can ensure message alignment and improve sales reps’ product knowledge
  • Manufacturing can improve production efficiency to reduce costs, add value, and turn production into a competitive advantage
  • Legal and Compliance can ensure the organization is being compliant to reduce the risk of products being removed from market
  • Medical Affairs can prepare medical science liaisons for new advisor skills 


With Qstream, management gets detailed analytics on engagement and proficiency to help identify knowledge and skill gaps to mitigate any risk to the business. Managers can use this data to coach employees on following the right behaviors and improve their team’s overall growth and performance.

Keep your pharmaceutical team’s knowledge up to speed with microlearning and learn how the top pharmaceutical companies are using Qstream today!

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