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For many large organizations, settling for traditional approaches to workplace learning is costing them: time, money, and their most valuable asset – people.

At Providence, the Learning and Development team provides award-winning learning content to their workforce. However, despite this fact, they acknowledged user engagement remained low. In order to boost learner engagement, Providence recognized the need to transform the landscape of learning within their organization.

Watch the webinar recording where Johnny Hamilton, Senior Learning Designer and Innovation Consultant at Providence leads an interactive discussion on key challenges in today’s approach to workplace learning. Additionally, he will expand upon the unconsidered needs of the learner, the designer, and the business, focusing on how to utilize analytics within learning programs to solve the real learning pain of your organization.

Specifically, in the recording you will learn how to:

  • Engage corporate learners with innovative, learner-centric experiences while improving career development strategies
  • Empower frontline managers with actionable insights and real-time data, resulting in a direct impact on performance
  • Design and execute agile learning programs guaranteed to reduce training time while saving your organization money


Johnny Hamilton
Senior Learning Designer and Innovation Consultant


Johnny Hamilton is a learning innovation thought leader, writer, and full-stack learning designer. As a Senior Designer and Innovation Consultant at Providence,  initiatives he has led have resulted in:

  • Providence being ranked #7 in the US for learning innovation (2019) by Learning! Magazine
  • Brandon Hall awards for Best Approach to Innovation (2018) and Best Advance in Leadership Simulation Tools (2017)
  • Recognition as a 2016 Learning Champion (High Performer) by Learning! Magazine for his contributions to the learning industry


He has written three white papers in the learning and innovation space including:

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