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With the introduction of Qstream Comms, our platform has evolved into an end-to-end microlearning solution, facilitating the first presentation of information, knowledge retention and skills practice. But what are the best practices for using this new question type and how can you combine it with others to create engaging and effective microlearning experiences?

Watch this demonstration of Qstream Comms, as well as a quick refresher of the question formats available to you today. We shared best practices for creating impactful Qstreams using a variety of question types, when and how to use each question type and how to demonstrate the impact of your programs.

You’ll walk away with a better understanding of…

  • Qstream Comms and how to deliver new information & updates to learners in the flow of work
  • Each Qstream question type and how to combine them to keep learners engaged & educated
  • Best practices for creating end-to-end microlearning experiences to deliver knowledge, reinforce knowledge & build skills through practice & coaching

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