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Compliance training is a very complex and time-consuming exercise. Workplace regulations are changing all the time – especially in highly regulated industries. This means that organizations invest a lot of time and money keeping compliance information up to date and training employees on that content.

Providence, the third-largest health system in the United States experiences these challenges. How can you cost-effectively deliver training to over 300,000 caregivers spread out in over 50 hospitals and 800 clinics? How can you prove that people are learning and remembering what they’re supposed to?

Providence’s learning and development team realized that existing training methods weren’t working. As part of their digital transformation strategy, Providence’s Chief Learning Officer, Darci Hall had her team study the challenges of traditional learning methods because they were receiving low satisfaction scores from employees.

What the team found was that content wasn’t the issue. It was engagement that was the barrier to their goals. Engagement is the precondition for learning to happen. No matter how good the content is, if the learner isn’t engaged with what’s being taught, then they won’t gain the knowledge you need them to know from the training in order to do their job properly.

During their enterprise-wide study, Darci Hall’s team wondered:

  1. How can we personalize learning for a distributed workforce to let them learn on their own terms, anytime, anywhere, using mobile devices?
  2. Can we prove that people gained proficiency and correlate that to the impact training has on overall business objectives?
  3. How can we increase the quality and effectiveness of compliance training but also reduce costs?
  4. Is it possible to give managers access to real-time analytics on peoples knowledge to provide personalized coaching?


Each of these questions were aligned with their core goals: increase engagement and productivity; reduce attrition; attract and onboard top talent to build a culture that values career development.

Following a careful evaluation and pilot process, Providence identified and selected Qstream as its enterprise microlearning partner to support their objectives.

At Providence, learners receive alerts and can immediately engage with training content from either their mobile device or desktop. Rather than a lengthy, traditional compliance eLearning course, Qstream breaks down complex compliance content into highly relevant challenges which takes less than a few minutes to respond to.

Qstream provides learners with immediate feedback on how they did after they respond to a challenge, including a prompt explanation of the correct answer to reinforce key concepts. Questions are repeated using a personalized spaced-learning algorithm to reinforce the important information for long-term knowledge retention.

This results in analytics that not only prove that someone complied with the training but shows that proficiency is gained in the process. Qstream’s detailed analytics show individual and team proficiency levels and improvement throughout the program. Frontline managers are able to coach and communicate with team members in real-time to address any areas of misunderstanding on certain compliance topics.

For business executives, Qstream’s robust learning analytics provide a holistic view of their organizations ability to be compliant at work and allows them to see where there’s skill gaps and compliance issues in the business. These analytics are used to take action on areas at risk and knowing exactly where additional training is needed.

Providence’s Chief Learning Officer Darci Hall summarizes how Qstream supported her team’s digital learning transformation:

“After completing our first enterprise launch of Qstream, we increased learner engagement and satisfaction, confirmed proficiency increases through real-time analytics, and slashed implementation costs by over 6 million dollars in our first course alone. Our experience with Qstream is direct evidence that supports why they were included on the 2020 List of Top Training Companies for Health and Safety/Compliance Training.”

These compliance transformation results mean that Providence employees love the learning experience while the analytics validate that learning is an essential driver of business impact.

If you’re ready to start your digital transformation for engaging an enterprise in compliance training, contact us today to see how our technology can help your organization achieve better compliance results.


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