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Data is the name of the game when it comes to improving learning outcomes at your organization and Qstream is proud to offer a valuable set of analytics to help you do just that. But have you ever wondered if you’re utilizing each of Qstream’s metrics to its full potential?

During this webinar we took a closer look at Qstream’s analytics dashboards to give you a better understanding of how to draw conclusions and make impactful decisions using our signature engagement and proficiency metrics. We shared real customer stories for inspiration and offered our top tips for measuring learning program performance.

You’ll learn…

  • How your peers are using Qstream’s analytics to mitigate risk and drive employee performance
  • Which data to evaluate and when throughout your Qstream programs
  • How to use Qstream analytics to coach employees and correct knowledge gaps
  • Strategies for marrying Qstream’s insights with other learning data for a holistic analysis

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