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The financial services industry is advancing their training strategies to develop employees to keep pace with the constant changes in regulations and improvements in technology. However, there is a lack of visibility into financial services workforces’ skills. The data and analytics that are collected from training activities provide basic metrics that lack details into whether learning is effective and if it has a direct impact on performance.

Qstream’s microlearning technology not only delivers an engaging learning experience but offers detailed proficiency analytics in real-time that allows wealth management, banking, and insurance firms to measure the effectiveness of training programs on performance. Engagement and proficiency analytics help L&D teams and managers identify knowledge and skill gaps to support learning performance and show meaningful business impact.

In this session with Jason Mundy, Vice President of Marketing at Qstream, you’ll learn how detailed engagement and proficiency metrics help you:

  • Understand employee’s capabilities for workforce development
  • Provide coaching opportunities to improve employee’s performance
  • Align future training programs to business objectives


Jason Mundy
Vice President of Marketing

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