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Microlearning Meets Compliance

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In this discussion paper, Microlearning Meets Compliance, Darci Hall, Chief Learning Officer at Providence Health, explains the process and rationale behind the selection of microlearning as the primary method for compliance training delivery. Additionally, she provides concrete figures that demonstrate the return on investment Providence experiences due to microlearning’s benefits.

In Microlearning Meets Compliance, you will learn how Providence Health:

  • Converts compliance training to accesible, enterprise-wide bite-size learning in order to develop on the job skills and accommodate busy work schedules
  • Uses microlearning to personalize the learner experience and to increase engagement and knowledge retention
  • Supports caregiver learning needs by measuring their proficiency with real time actionable analytics
  • Reduces the amount of training time by more than two-thirds by transitioning from SCORM courses to microlearning resulting in a ROI from productivity savings
Download The White Paper


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