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More than 70% of organizations believe every employee should receive leadership training, according to the latest Brandon Hall Group research, but only 43% actually offer leadership programs for all employees.

A big reason for the disconnect is scale. Two-thirds of employers surveyed say immersive learning by doing improves leader training. But doing that across the entire employee population – especially in large organizations – is close to impossible.

Microlearning is an under-utilized secret for democratizing leader development. In this webinar, Qstream and Claude Werder, Senior VP and Principal Analyst for Brandon Hall Group, discussed and demonstrated the many attributes of microlearning to develop more great leaders. Microlearning:

  • Introduces leadership concepts in short bursts to busy individual contributors who often work virtually, in different shifts, across many time zones and have different leadership skill sets.
  • Provides reinforcement and refresher training for all leaders and potential leaders at scale.
  • Delivers learning on-demand and in the flow of work directly to the preferred tools employees use regularly.
  • Integrates videos, game mechanics, quizzes or even micro-courses into informal and experiential learning journeys.
  • Leverages data from usage to create individual and team leaderboards to keep learners engaged.
  • Uses analytics dashboards to show proficiency levels of employees and create personalized coaching recommendations.

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