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The best microlearning solutions are rooted in science. Qstream, for example, was developed at Harvard Medical School by our Co-Founder Dr. B. Price Kerfoot, who is recognized as a spaced education pioneer. He conducted over 20 rigorous, peer-reviewed clinical trials on Qstream’s technology, demonstrating a 170% increase in knowledge retention and durable behavior change as a result.

This tried and true learning methodology continues to be practiced today by organizations where knowledge is critical, including Providence, a healthcare organization that employs 120,000 caregivers across 51 hospitals and 1,000 clinics in the western U.S. 

Watch this on-demand recording to hear from Dr. B. Price Kerfoot himself on the rigorous testing process behind Qstream and Johnny Hamilton, Senior Design and Innovation Consultant at Providence, who shared how his team is applying the timeless principles behind Qstream and seeing excellent results.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll learn:

  • What inspired Dr. B. Price Kerfoot’s learning research
  • Why the spacing and testing effects combat the forgetting curve, increase knowledge retention and change on-the-job behavior
  • How Providence is using the Qstream methodology in new and innovative ways to engage and develop their workforce

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