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Dr. Price Kerfoot, co-founder of Qstream and staff surgeon at the VA White River Junction Healthcare System, shares his remarkable journey into education and the development of the Qstream methodology. In this interview, Dr. Kerfoot discusses his early observations during medical school, where the transient nature of learning sparked his interest in finding effective methods for long-term retention. His research journey led him to explore the spacing effect and testing effect in cognitive psychology, forming the foundation for the Qstream methodology. With over 20 randomized trials demonstrating the effectiveness, Qstream is known for showcasing improvements in knowledge retention, performance, and even behavior change.

During the interview, Dr. Kerfoot highlights the benefits of using game elements and pre-testing to increase learner engagement and create better learning outcomes. Looking ahead, Dr. Kerfoot anticipates the potential role of AI in adaptive learning systems, especially in question creation for Qstream, expressing optimism about its potential impact on effective content development. Watch this video to learn more about the science behind Qstream.

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