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Each year, companies spend billions of dollars on corporate learning using ineffective methods that don’t achieve the learning outcomes that are essential for supporting their business strategy.

In today’s digital age, too much information is shared with people, making learning at work much more difficult. People end up becoming overwhelmed and instantly disengage with learning programs, resulting in wasted investments.

How do we capture people’s attention and keep them engaged in learning programs to help them better retain the necessary knowledge they need to know to successfully do their job?

It’s quite simple: our brains aren’t wired to process and recall large amounts of information.

So, we asked the question, “how can you design and execute learning programs in a way that can guarantee ongoing engagement, reinforcement, and measurement for learning to have a lasting impact on performance?”

Qstream transforms how learning is delivered by presenting information the way the brain learns while keeping employees engaged and productive during their workday.

By pushing small amounts of job-relevant information to employees through a mobile device, learners are able to engage with learning with greater impact in minutes a day.

Qstream’s scientifically proven algorithm uses spaced repetition to strengthen long-term memory and to sustain job-specific information.

With scenario-based Q&A micro-challenges and micro-explanations being pushed and repeated over time, learners retain knowledge long after training is complete.

By incorporating individual and team leaderboards, employees are more likely to be motivated and engage in the learning program.

All of this response data is captured and displayed through analytic dashboards showing managers a real-time view of their teams’ current proficiency levels and improvement over time.

Now, with proficiency heatmaps, managers have access to valuable data to provide targeted coaching actions and understand where they need to focus on additional training efforts.

The bottom line?

Microlearning is no longer an option, it’s a necessity to create a positive learning experience in a quick and efficient way that improves knowledge retention and proves the return on learning investments.

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