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Traditional learning isn’t cutting it in today’s fast paced-work environments, where employees are bogged down by multiple systems and LMS courses are just another item on their to-do list. Still, ripping and replacing your legacy systems is not an option. That’s where integrations come in. Powerful iPaas technologies allow you to reinvigorate your HR tech stack by infusing proven and effective microlearning, an often missing puzzle piece in today’s L&D ecosystem. 



Bret Kramer
VP of Sales & Customer Success

Bret Kramer is the VP of Sales & Customer Success at Qstream. He began his career as a software developer working on F-16 test stations, and then spent the next 15 years selling and deploying software development tools with Rational Software (later acquired by IBM) in various roles including technical pre- and post- sales, sales, management and enablement. He left IBM in 2009 and moved into the exciting world of SaaS, where he has since held sales and sales management positions over the past 12 years. Bret has a proven track record of helping clients in the work management and learning spaces solve their most pressing business challenges and increase the value of their SaaS ecosystem through integration, automation and thoughtful deployment of technology. Bret is a graduate of Purdue University with a BS in Computer and Electrical Engineering and also holds an MS in Engineering Management from Southern Methodist University.

David Cariello
Integration Lead

Dave Cariello is the Integration Lead at Qstream. He is an experienced cloud software engineer turned integration lead with specialties in Workato and Integromat. He is professionally focused on designing and developing delightful project management tool-centered solutions via both of these iPaaS offerings. Dave has a successful track record in training a diverse range of enterprise teams on solution platforms, scalable architecture and the entire integration life cycle. He’s passionate about innovative automations and helps Qstream customers make learning efficient and effective with powerful integrations.

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