Allow for Multiple Languages in a Qstream

Qstream has released the Multi-Language Qstream (MLQ), new functionality which allows you to offer your Qstream to participants in multiple languages. 

The participant chooses the language in which to attempt a Qstream, and can even change that choice at any time during the Qstream – giving them complete control. This feature is especially helpful if you have a population of participants who speak a variety of languages, but you are unsure which language each prefers. 

How does it work?

When participants are enrolled in a MLQ, before they can answer a question, they are presented with a menu of available language choices. 

Once the participant has made their choice, they will see questions in that language. However, at any point in the Qstream, they can click on the dropdown at the top right to change languages.

This functionality can be turned on by a Qstream admin and is found under Site Settings.

When enabled, a MLQ tab will appear in the course editor, allowing the admin to set the base language for the Qstream and then begin to add in other languages as well.


When the languages have been set, an admin or author can then click into the Translations editor. The Qstream in the base language is displayed, along with the other languages that have been chosen. Using the editor interface, translated content is easily added and edited. 

At any time, you can see the progress of your translations by clicking on Translation Progress from the left menu, which will take you to an overview of the work done and still left to do.

After all the translations have been populated, you can publish the different languages.

The final step is to enable MLQ from the MLQ tab, which will allow all participants enrolled in the MLQ to access these translations.

Let us know what you think and if you need help getting started with MLQ!