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New & Next: Qstream’s 2022 Product Enhancement Recap & What’s To Come

Join us November 15th!

Innovation was the name of the game for Qstream in 2022 and our team has been heads down building exciting new functionality to help you deliver exceptional L&D outcomes for your organization. All updates are designed based on your generous feedback with the goal of improving the user experience and increasing the benefit your organization gains by using Qstream..

Join us on November 15 for a demonstration of these new capabilities. We’ll also show a preview of enhancements we’re releasing in the next few months as we continue to revolutionize how businesses empower their employees through individualized learning. 

We’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what’s possible in our newly updated product and we can’t wait to show you what’s next! Here’s just a small sample that we’ll be showcasing during this webinar…

  • New question types to add variety and keep learners engaged with microlearning challenges and foster critical thinking
  • Self-enroll Qstreams will let employees enroll and take additional courses in Qstream based on their interests and career goals
  • Coaching alerts will give managers the ability to intervene with real-time email communications based on the learning performance of their direct reports


Even if you cannot attend the live event, be sure to register so you receive the recording!

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