Sales training programs that will change the way you sell.

At Aslan, our commitment is to helping organizations “bridge the gap”​ in their sales force execution. We focus on the improvement of sales and service organizations by creating and delivering competency and skill development programs and processes. Our experience and process of serving others first has proven to create the greatest positive behavior change in both the professional and personal life of our participants – the principle: private victory precedes public victory. Based on our research and collective experience, we have determined these 4 critical components for driving positive change.


Belief drives behavior. Bottom line – what are your company’s values around how reps work with customers and how managers work with reps. When those aren’t defined, simple and transferable, we believe that the foundation for lasting, positive behavior change is missing in an organization.


Change doesn’t happen in workshops. Workshops contribute to change . . . but real change happens one to one – manager to rep. In order to drive change, sales leaders – from managers to executives – need to know how to lead, diagnose gaps, and develop skills and competencies in the individuals on their team in a 1-on-1 environment.


No rep is alike. Understanding how to improve their performance starts with understanding how their role lines up with the 11 Unique Sales Roles, how their strengths and weaknesses differ from other individuals, and what competencies need to be developed to improve the bottom line and their confidence.


An organization can do everything else right, but if reps are not equipped with a process, realistic and informative performance metrics, and messaging that communicates the organization’s position and combats objections, even the best of them will fizzle out in frustration and sell poorly. When reps aren’t provided with methods, message and metrics, they’ll come up with their own.

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