Partnering with Qstream allows us to reinforce training and customize every engagement based on the needs of each individual client.


Braintrust exists to help sales leaders transform the way their sales people communicate.

“At Braintrust, we teach our clients how to have an impactful customer conversation based on the science of decision making. Partnering with Qstream allows us to reinforce that training and customize each engagement based on the needs of each individual client.”
– Jeff Bittner, Director of Operations –

Through the power of neuroscience, Braintrust helps sales and marketing professionals harness a new found understanding of the buying brain to accelerate sales and create meaningful, authentic connections and long-term trusted business relationships with their customers. Our worldwide headquarters and creative training facility BrainStorm, is located in downtown Cincinnati, OH. Let’s talk about how we can improve your sales team’s performance.

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How does Braintrust use Qstream?
Our partnership with Qstream has been very beneficial for the information retention for our clients.  We have had a profound increase in recall and application for our training, even after extended periods of time, because of Qstreams’ system.  By working with our clients to craft the right questions in the right order, we can keep the training top of mind until it becomes ingrained and habitual.


Why is Braintrust + Qstream a winning combination?

Qstreams customer service and training programs are exceptional.  With creating different Qstreams for different clients, having access to a team that can assist us with the creation and does a “proof of concept” on each, it’s great to have that support available when I need it.

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