Perpetos drives better sales performance results for its customers by using to Qstream reinforce targeted sales, content, and buyer-journey training.

“Incorporating Qstream in our L&D programs allows us to create actual behavioral changes and have a lasting impact. The fact is that if you don’t reinforce training in an organized and systematic way, even good training is likely to fade over time.”
– Pascal Persyn, CEO, Perpetos –


Global Commercial Excellence Leader Perpetos Partners with Qstream to Power Customer Sales Readiness Programs

Perpetos provides commercial excellence by ensuring helping customers build a sales machine to guarantee the entire organization sends the right messages to the right people at the right time. Their customer-centric methodology results in significant performance improvements for their customers by providing sales excellence frameworks, training, coaching, and blends this with Qstream’s microlearning technology to reinforce critical knowledge for lasting behavior change.

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How Does Perpetos Use Qstream?

Perpetos integrate Qstream’s training reinforcement learning practices into their solution for a blended approach that combines e-Learning, workshops, coaching, peer to peer learning, and micro/spaced learning techniques for their customers. Qstream’s data-driven insights and personalized coaching allows them and their customers to know who, what, and where to coach, providing HR with the insights they need to audit and build  L&D programs cost-effectively and efficiently—reinforcing the Perpetos goal of “implementing lasting changes” business-wide.


How is the Perpetos service strengthened by Qstream?

Perpetos and Qstream found an alignment in beliefs that is core to our successful partnership… that traditional training and support methods need to be complemented by knowledge reinforcement, the active involvement of team members, peer-to-peer learning and an action-oriented plan. This is possible through the blended learning approach that Perpetos implements and blends with Qstream which delivers a continuous, spaced learning process that incorporates training microlearning, and on-the-job learning and coaching.


How do Perpetos customers benefit from Qstream?

Perpetos help their customers leverage the full value of Qstream across all the stakeholders in the learning process.

  • Sales reps the leaderboard and gamification effect and that the app is easy to use and provides feedback in real-time. They can answer anytime anywhere.
  • Direct Managers assess the individual performance of their team members and can benchmark against other teams. They get insights on who knows what by identifying knowledge or skills gaps on each participant, managers can coach on precise topics in a very agile way.
  • Senior Management can compare teams, geographical areas or divisions, assess performance and common gap as well as check how direct managers are leveraging the insights and coaching tips from Qstream.

The Results

Incorporating Qstream into Perpetos facilitated L&D programs enables their customers to create actual behavioral change that has a lasting impact. Perpetos believe that if you don’t reinforce training in an organized and systematic way, even good training is likely to fade over time. Perpetos regularly record 30-35% increase in the % of correct answers from first to final attempt, demonstrating a significant proficiency gain and hence, the value of reinforcing knowledge through spaced and testing effects.


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