Powerful knowledge assessment via Qstream followed by video-based practice provides a unique integrated solution for soft skills development.

Combined with Qstream’s knowledge reinforcement and gap assessment capabilities, Rehearsal’s video-based practice platform gives sales reps a safe place to further develop their selling and communication skills so they can perform when it matters most.

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Why is Qstream and Rehearsal a winning sales enablement combination?

The ability to deploy video-based practice scenarios and provide coaching combined with powerful knowledge assessment provides a unique integrated solution for soft skills development not found in traditional eLearning solutions.

How Does Rehearsal Integate Qstream?

Learners can access Rehearsal from within a Qstream question via a link or from a Qstream completion e-mail as part of a Qstream knowledge reinforcement challenge. This will launch the learner into Rehearsal where they will receive video guidance on what is expected of them. They can then record and submit their video response for mentor to review and respond with feedback.


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