The Kaleidoscope Group

The Kaleidoscope Group and Qstream partner together to actively include, empower, and engage everybody in an organization to transform the workplace.

The Kaleidoscope Group is a full service Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) firm in Chicago and
Charlotte serving clients world-wide in its mission to free the human potential. It helps develop
transformation that actively includes, empowers, and engages everybody in an organization,
turning resistance into energy and motivation for change.

The Kaleidoscope Group’s holistic and integrated approach to DEI leads to increased
profitability, effectiveness, and sustainable change that leverages strategic areas of focus for
bottom-line impact: Diverse Workforce, Inclusive Workplace, Expanded Marketplace, Enhanced
Community Reputation, and Equitable Supplier Base.

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Why is Qstream and The Kaleidoscope Group a winning combination?

Qstream was selected by The Kaleidoscope Group as an ongoing microlearning technology to reinforce knowledge and enhance the understanding of content and application of skills for a transformational experience. Qstream’s technology has the capability of taking educational workshops, sessions, and e-learning beyond the classroom to bite-sized daily learning experiences resulting in more of a sustainable learning journey for participants.

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