“Our clients are enthusiastic about Qstreams’ fun format and mobility a great way to accelerate all learning, and the real time analytics are of immense value to all businesses we work with.”

Validity Group

Validity and Qstream partner together to reinforces organizational and sales development programs for large enterprises.

Validity Group has established a well-earned reputation by delivering powerful business solutions and outcomes for enterprise customers throughout Asia Pacific.  Their solutions cover areas of vital importance to every organization including culture, people, and sales.  With sales and development programs reinforced by Qstream, together we focus on tangible business performance improvements.

Validity Group Named Qstream Reseller in APAC


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“Sales managers are so consumed with tasks like forecasting, funnel management and achieving revenue targets, they don’t have time to stop and think about what their teams are actually prepared to bring to every client interaction. Important management tasks like coaching just fall to the bottom of the priority list”.

— Chris Tandridge, CEO, VALIDITY Group —


Why is Qstream and Validity a winning combination?

As a partner, Validity Group enriches its portfolio of best-in-class SaaS solutions for business and sales teams with Qstream’s data-driven reinforcement, coaching, and performance analytics capabilities to help manage dynamic market change more efficiently at scale.

With headquarters in Australia, and offices across Asia, Validity Group delivers powerful business solutions that expand the capacity and skill level of sales organizations, including knowledge, cultural sensitivity, and local language, all reinforced by Qstream mobile microlearning application. The need to scale program delivery is paramount to address the needs of technology, financial services, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing to maximize the effectiveness of their sales organizations and drive business outcomes.

“Qstream’s solution delivers the insights and tools that time-constrained managers need to help their reps have value-added business conversations that win deals.”

— Chris Tandridge, CEO, VALIDITY Group —


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