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Best practices

Our signature neuroscience-backed principles to keep top-of-mind when creating your Qstream content. 

Best practices

We want to make your content as effective as possible so we’ve put together some best practices – things to consider to ensure your Qstream is a success.

Qstream content hub

Create great content

Qstream is a powerful performance and capabilities platform. Participants will show the greatest improvements when they are challenged with questions that are informative, easy to understand, and accurate.

Questions that are unclear or confusing will not only frustrate participants but will result in less meaningful data insights for those reviewing the results. The following guidelines outline some key techniques and tips for providing your audience with an enjoyable Qstream experience.

Content creation

  • Write effective questions by following our templates, tips and tricks!
  • Include robust explanations and multi-media
  • Include a mix of more and less challenging questions
  • Ensure the content is directly relevent to your team’s job and tied to current initiatives

Pre-launch tips

  • Involve those outside of content team
  • Correct grammatical / typographical errors
  • Fine tune potentially misleading questions

Align Qstream with your business goals

Use Qstreams to help achieve your business goals and align your team

What topics will you include?

Grouping your questions in to topics will improve your analytics

Key take-home messages

These become your questions that’ll be embedded in your teams long-term memory

Helpful tips and useful tricks

We want to make your content as effective as possible so we’ve put together some best practices – things to consider to ensure your Qstream is a success.

Include intuitive Topics and Titles

Include intuitive Topics and Titles so you can slice and dice the analytics in different ways – get insights at a glance. View Sample Reporting & Analytics >

Include a robust explanation

Explanations provide an excellent opportunity to reinforce key messages and are critical components for boosting performance with Qstream.

Incorporate Media

Embedding images, brief videos and website links can increase participant engagement. They provide an opportunity for further exploration by participants who want more information.

Avoid Lengthy Answer Options

Options that are lengthy or contain lists take too long to read and can be difficult to evaluate. If necessary, break the question into multiple questions or include related learning points in the explanation.

Avoid Silly or Irrelevant Distracters

Avoid using silly or irrelevant distracters just to provide more answer options. It is better to have 2 or 3 plausible distracters that cause the participant to think.

Avoid “None of the Above” and “All of the Above”

Avoid using “none of the above” and “all of the above” as answer options. Instead make all of the options correct except for one, and ask participants to identify the correct options.

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