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Qstream Cited in 2014 Sales Enablement Execution Landscape Report by Leading Industry Analyst Firm

16th September 2014

Highlights Role of Technology in Achieving Business Goals; Driving Valuable Sales Conversations

BURLINGTON, MA (September 16, 2014) – Qstream, maker of a mobile enterprise solution for managing and measuring the capabilities of sales forces in just minutes a day, was cited in Forrester Research, Inc.’s September 2014 report entitled “The Sales Enablement Execution Landscape.” The research firm’s framework defines six universal business goals that help organizations drive the ability of professionals to have valuable conversations in an increasingly complex selling environment.

At a time when organizations are under intense pressure to deliver greater impact from their sales enablement investments, Forrester’s landscape defines three patterns that leading enterprises are following as they shift away from a mentality of creating deliverables for sales teams, toward a focus on discrete business goals, such as tackling the more difficult and less understood aspects of sales skill development and behavior reinforcement.

Developed at Harvard, Qstream’s solution has been scientifically proven in dozens of randomized clinical trials to change selling behaviors with impact to the bottom line. Using Qstream, reps respond to brief scenario-based challenges pushed to their phone or mobile device every few days. Built-in game mechanics engage reps in an experience that’s fun and non-disruptive to selling time. Qstream’s data engine then analyzes response data in real-time to deliver predictive, actionable insights to sales managers, such as highly targeted coaching opportunities and sales confidence indicators.

Unlike solutions that tether client conversations to rote presentations, Qstream equips sales reps for dynamic, value-added business conversations that drive revenue and keep pace with market change.

“It’s time to change the game in sales enablement. We believe this report provides a pragmatic framework for enterprises seeking to align their business goals with the offerings of today’s leading providers and solutions, ” said Duncan Lennox, CEO and co-founder of Qstream.

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