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Qstream Hosts Author, Business Transformation Expert Roy Pollock for Exclusive Book Signing at SPBT 2014

5th June 2014

“The Field Guide to the 6Ds” Profiles Over 40 Leading Companies Including Qstream Whose Disciplines (D’s) Are Driving Profound Business Transformation

BURLINGTON, MA (June 5, 2014) – Qstream, maker of a scientifically proven mobile platform for driving high-performance sales teams, is sponsoring a complimentary book signing by acclaimed author, business transformation expert and training leader Dr. Roy Pollock following his talk at next week’s Society of Pharmaceutical and Biotech Trainers (SPBT) 2014 conference in Dallas.

Dr. Roy Pollock is chief learning officer of The 6Ds® Company whose previous work, “The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning”,  states that 80% of the link between training and active application on the job is lost, and calls on managers to start running training programs with the Ds (Disciplines) to truly drive business results.  “The Field Guide to the 6Dspresents over 40 case studies of innovators who are putting Dr. Pollock’s precepts into action.

Qstream’s chapter spotlights its focus on changing sales rep behavior with the fourth D – “driving” learning transfer. It describes one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies as it prepared to launch a highly profitable drug into the U.S. market. With fierce competition and regulatory risks to manage, the company needed an effective and highly scalable way to ensure that their 3, 000 sales reps were up to the challenge.

By using Qstream’s methodology of interval reinforcement, active recall and gamification elements, the pharma company’s reps remained engaged – calling Qstream ‘addictive’ – and were able to recall the critical information and skills they needed to win. The pharma company was able to maintain market share and effectively increase sales of the drug by 6% within one year.

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David Resendes
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