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Qstream Leads SDL’s Translation Productivity Sales Team to Increased Success

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Mobile Sales Capabilities Platform Addresses the Human Side of Sales Acceleration at Scale; Drives 98% Engagement and 26% Product Message Proficiency Gain in a Matter of Weeks

MAIDENHEAD, ENGLAND (September 14, 2016) – Qstream, makers of a mobile sales capabilities platform for igniting high-performance teams, today announced that SDL, the leader in global content management and language solutions, deployed Qstream to prepare its global Translation Productivity sales team for the launch of a suite of translation management solutions. Based in Maidenhead, UK, SDL achieved 98% engagement and a 26% gain in product message proficiency in just eight weeks by using Qstream’s platform ahead of this important launch.

“There are many ways to go about preparing large teams to sell new products, yet there are very few that effectively deliver the combination of reinforcement, coaching and insight that Qstream does, ” said Massimo Ghislandi, executive vice president, Translation Productivity, SDL. “We were delighted by how the platform helped our sales team firm their understanding of key product concepts – in just minutes a day. Engagement has been extremely high, and feedback is overwhelmingly positive.”

Named by Forbes as a major disruptor in its industry, SDL has operations in 38 countries with over 3, 500 employees who help clients master the complexity involved in going global. Using Qstream, SDL Translation Productivity sales reps responded to brief challenge scenarios pushed to their mobile devices, employing a clinically proven approach to improving sales performance. Qstream’s analytics engine synthesized response data to provide sales management with sales fluency indicators, highlighting engagement and proficiency gains prior to launch, as well as targeted coaching opportunities.

“Too often, enterprises set ambitious product launch goals but fail to assess whether sales teams are truly ready to achieve them – or even monitor team proficiency levels over time, ” said Duncan Lennox, CEO and co-founder, Qstream. “We’re delighted that Qstream’s platform provides SDL with a more efficient and effective way to address the ‘human side’ of sales acceleration.”

Combining mobile, science and data analytics in a powerfully simple enterprise solution, Qstream helps top brands measure and manage sales rep performance at scale. Delivered from the cloud to any mobile device, Qstream is easy to use and deploy. With all the security and reliability that IT requires, the platform integrates seamlessly with CRM and other third-party systems to correlate data for a richer, more predictive picture of sales enablement to revenue.

Qstream announces that SDL, the leader in global content management and language solutions, deployed Qstream to prepare its global Translation Productivity sales team for the launch of a suite of translation management solutions.

About SDL SDL (LSE: SDL) is the leader in global content management and language solutions. With more than 20 years of experience, SDL helps companies build relevant digital experiences that deliver transformative business results on a global scale. Seventy-nine of the top 100 global brands trust SDL to simplify the complexity of managing content across multiple brands, websites, languages, and devices.

About Qstream Qstream is the leading enterprise microlearning and knowledge reinforcement solution proven by science and in practice to boost learner performance. Hundreds of organizations rely on Qstream to build high-performance teams by delivering a personalized and agile learning experience that delivers the highest levels of retention, engagement, and efficiency along with analytics that provide precision insights and expose a real-time view of performance readiness.

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