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Our Story

Since 2008, Qstream has been making people better at what they do and driving business outcomes through best practice microlearning that engages learners and reinforces job-critical knowledge.

Qstream challenges dated learning methods by delivering learning in the way the brain works so that people can learn, retain, recall, and apply the right knowledge in the moment it’s needed.

After all, we are only human and we can easily forget.  In fact, research still holds true and tells us that 79% of new information is forgotten in just 30 days.

So, we asked the question…


“How can we help people in the workforce retain knowledge and develop the behaviors they need to perform at their best?”

the-qstream-way-Proven by the Market

Proven by Science

After 22 randomized, peer-reviewed clinical trials using Qstream’s technology, we found the answer to make learning stick.

We call it “The Qstream Way”… microlearning that is proven by science to boost learner performance through knowledge reinforcement, engagement, and analytics.

Proven by Practice

Now with over 600 happy customers and partners, Qstream is the market-leading mobile microlearning solution that reinforces job-critical knowledge and skills with the results to prove it.

A Shared Vision

  • Are you responsible for developing high-performance teams in your workplace?
  • Do you believe in fostering a culture of learning to set your workforce up for success?

Great! Then you’ve come to the right place.

Qstream is all about making people better at what they do through technology-enabled microlearning that improves employee proficiency and performance.

Over 600 global enterprises rely on Qstream to engage learners,  increase proficiency, and get a real-time view of their organization’s performance readiness.