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Qstream Mobile Solution Helps Aquinas Leadership Group Transform the Sales Teams of Major Enterprise Clients

25th February 2014

Innovative, Game-based Platform Used to Prepare Leading Consumer Eye Care and Biotech Firms for New Selling Realities

BURLINGTON, MA (February 25, 2014) – Qstream, provider of an award-winning mobile sales enablement platform, today announced a partnership with Aquinas Leadership Group of Cary, North Carolina, which develops custom sales training solutions for the life sciences industry. As a member of Qstream’s growing solution partner network, Aquinas Leadership Group uses the company’s game-based platform to assist sales organizations achieve their revenue goals with sales training solutions that reach beyond rote memorization of information to drive wholesale change in the way sales reps behave – and how sales executives coach their reps to success.

To date, Aquinas Leadership Group has successfully deployed Qstream-based solutions at two major enterprises – a global eye care company debuting an innovative, new product requiring sales reps to sell with far greater competitive depth, and a biotechnology firm with a similar transformational goal requiring reps to sell under the guidelines of a highly regulated market. Early results of these initiatives are dramatic, with exceptional user engagement levels and the flexibility to keep sales reps sharp amidst changing buyer demands.

“Our focus is helping clients achieve their strategic business goals through training, and Qstream has been an absolute success, ” said Kimberly Richards, CFO at Aquinas Leadership Group. “To be most effective, training approaches can’t simply package content – they need to be married to the best technologies for delivery and measurement. Our clients’ senior leaders have been tremendously impressed with how we’ve used Qstream in combination with our custom content. We see enormous opportunity to use Qstream across many different vertical industries.”

Developed at Harvard, Qstream is an engaging platform that improves sales force performance in just minutes a day by allowing reps to respond to simple, scenario-based challenges using any mobile device. Onboard game mechanics ensure strong user engagement, and a sophisticated analytics engine captures dozens of critical data points and instantly transforms them into actionable insights for sales management, such as opportunities for tailored coaching.

Peer-reviewed research studies behind Qstream show that the platform’s interval reinforcement approach increases retention by up to 170 percent and durably changes on-the-job behaviors.

“The brain science behind how humans commit vital information to long-term memory shows how difficult it is to create sales training programs that are conducive to the way our brains really work without a solution like Qstream, ” said Duncan Lennox, CEO and co-founder of Qstream. “Aquinas Leadership Group is a key player in deploying Qstream to adapt sales effectiveness programs for increased retention and sales performance. We’re pleased to welcome them to our expanding global network of Qstream-based solution providers.”

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Aquinas Leadership Group is a leading provider of custom training solutions in the pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, technology and life sciences industries. Consultants at Aquinas Leadership Group create training programs and develop curriculums that change behavior, drive results, and lead to the long-term success of Aquinas Leadership Group’s clients. For more information, visit

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