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Qstream named a Training Industry Top Assessment and Evaluation Company three years in a row

Assessment & Evaluation Award (1)

Enterprise organizations rely on Qstream for training, assessing and measuring individual and organizational knowledge, skills, and performance


Burlington, MA, Dec. 13, 2022 — Qstream, the leading enterprise microlearning and knowledge reinforcement platform that revolutionizes how businesses empower their employees through individualized learning was recognized by Training Industry, the leading research and information resource for corporate learning leaders, as a 2022 Top Assessment and Evaluation Watch List Company. This marks the third consecutive year Qstream has been selected for the award.

Qstream’s award-winning technology works alongside your existing learning tools and programs to create engaging, personalized learning journeys that are scalable and measurable. Employing a unique approach to evaluating training effectiveness and measuring outcomes, Qstream assesses learners’ knowledge levels in real-time and provides managers with insights, analytics, and coaching recommendations on team and individual proficiency. To a higher degree, these insights allow organizations to correlate learner proficiency to job performance and business impact. Additionally, Qstream’s integration capabilities with the LMS, HR Systems, CRM and other tools combine this data with proficiency metrics to provide a holistic view of workforce performance.

“Typically, managers merely guess which topics their employees need training on. With Qstream, managers can assess their team’s baseline knowledge and capabilities which helps them recognize where knowledge gaps are,” says Dan Whelan, CEO at Qstream. “With Qstream, learning leaders and managers get insight into where to focus their training efforts, saving them time and money. We are thrilled that Training Industry recognizes the value that Qstream brings to our customers and are honored to receive this award for the third year in a row.”

“It’s critical that organizations take a more strategic approach to L&D in 2023,” says Lauren Boynton, Director of Customer Success and Strategic Accounts at Qstream. “Qstream’s programmatic approach enables continuous learning journeys that promote exponential employee growth and business success. This recognition solidifies our place in the learning ecosystem as organizations move toward this model.”

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About Qstream

Qstream is the leading enterprise microlearning and knowledge reinforcement solution proven by science and in practice to boost learner performance. Hundreds of organizations rely on Qstream to build high-performance teams by delivering a personalized and agile learning experience that delivers the highest levels of retention, engagement and efficiency along with analytics that provide precision insights and expose a real-time view of performance readiness.

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